Biblical Hebrew: A Homeschool Primer, Basic Set

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This curriculum is perfect for the homeschooling family!  I was excited to find it and use it for my own children.  The Student Text guides the student through this course. The Basic Set includes the Teachers Guide, Student Text, and Music CD, which is everything you need to complete the course.

If you have additional students, you only need purchase additional Student Texts.  

  • Teaches how to read and write Biblical Hebrew with a gentle introduction to vocabulary and grammar
  • With reverence for God, creative exercises, and a dash of fun, Biblical Hebrew unrolls the scroll for a lifetime of hearing God speak
  • Use as the foundation of high school foreign language credits; a deluxe, year-long exploration of Biblical geography, culture, and worldview; or as a prequel to any Hebrew course
  • Thorough and encouraging for ages 9 and up