The Scriptures Bible, Softcover

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This is an amazing bible that uses the original names of the biblical characters and places.  One very useful feature of this bible is found in the New Testament, where boldface print highlights whenever the text is referencing the Older Testament.  You’ll learn so much as you read through this bible and it will help your faith journey forever.  I can’t say enough about "The Scriptures" and all the hard work that has gone into making this bible available to us all.

Translation: ISR: This is a literal English translation. The books are in the order of the original Hebrew Bible. The name of God appears in its original form - יהוה and the original name of Jesus, יהושׁע. The original names of the books from the Hebrew Bible are used (Example: Genesis - Bereshith, Exodus - Shemot). Some other words and names are retained in Hebrew (transliterated into English). Some examples: shalom (peace), Kefa (Peter), Matthew (Mattithyahu).

  • Size: 6.3 x 8.3 inches [160 x 210mm]
  • Cover and Binding: Skivertex, Perfect Bound with Rounded Corners.
  • Color: Blue