"Tree of Life" Cross Silver Necklace

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Proverbs 3 is all about the wisdom of the Torah and the commandments of God.  

"[The Torah] is a tree of life for those who hold take hold of her, and happy are those who hold onto her." Proverbs 3:18.  

The Tree of Life blessing compares the wisdom of the Torah to a Tree of Life and this necklace embodies this special understanding of God's Word.  Within the cross is the Tree of Life which serves as a wonderful reminder of the importance and significance of God's Word (both Jesus, the Living Word and the Bible, the written Word) in our lives.  

We hope you find great meaning and value in this cross and remember how important God's Word is!

If you'd like to know more about how the Torah is significant to Christians, please read my blog post, "That Time Jesus Quoted the Torah."


Pendant made in Israel

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 18 inches